Two Weeks Later



          “That’s wonderful news, Anna, “ Derek said.  “If you need any assistance … ”  He nodded and laughed quietly.  “Of course, I understand completely.  Do keep me advised on your progress.”

          He hung up and looked around his study.

          It was two weeks later and they were back in San Francisco .. but only just.

          Rachel, Merlin and Andrew had stayed on for a few days, just so they could experience being on an excavation, and had then packed up, flown back to Cairo and then on to the States.  Alex, Nick and Derek had remained at the site for a further week before heading home.

          “She’s heading up the team?” Nick inquired.

          “She is.  Of course, the full excavation will not begin until later in the year when the new season starts, but she and Murray are remaining in Egypt for the foreseeable future.  And the good news is that George Daly will be credited with discovering the tomb."

          “They know who’s in it?” Rachel asked, leaning forward.

          “Apparently, a high ranking general in Senusret’s army,” Derek replied.

          “But .. how did it happen?” Alex wondered.

          “It wasn’t us,” Merlin stated.  “We could have done something like that but we had nothing to do with any reconstruction work or redecoration in the tomb.  Personally, I’ve had more than enough of that already on the mainland.”

          “It was the gods,” Derek said with a simple shrug.  “Even now, they still watch over the land.  The pact with the earth has been renewed .. and the tourist industry protected.  They have not been forgotten.  They never will.”

          He drew a deeply satisfied breath.  “Another investigation successfully concluded .. yes?”

          They looked at each other, smiled, and nodded.





Poltergeist: The Legacy

To Bleed A While

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